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Jujy 30th, 2017

As The Deer (piano arr. Mark Hayes)
Howard Ashley, Pianist and Music Director

  Welcome and Announcements
  Invocation of the Holy Spirit

Praise Hymns
Surely the Presence of the Lord
As The Deer

Confession Prayer of Confession and Words of Assurance
Thanksgiving Offertory
We Are An Offering (piano arr. Mark Hayes)
  Offering Prayer
Supplication The Bible Reading
Romans 8:26-39
  Children's Moment
Shout to the Lord
  Message: Blessed are those who fear the LORD
Pastor John Go
  Prayer of the Day
Commissioning Hymn
Go Ye, Go Ye into the World
  Mission Statement

Postlude in D Major (Douglas E. Wagner)
Howard Ashley,Organist and Music Director




1892, they will walk and not be faint.