Music Ministry at Tabor Heights

Tabor Heights is a congregation with a rich musical heritage. We PRAY that we will continue to be blessed with a variety of ensemble and solo opportunities that provide a place for members of any age, musical interest, and talent to SERVE as part of the music ministry. Choirs present an excellent opportunity for fellowship in addition to musical aspects and WORSHIP leadership. We INVITE and ENCOURAGE you to consider participating in this ministry area. Rehearsals begin in September and run through early June. For more information about any of our groups, please contact Howard Ashley, Director of Music Ministries, at the church office at 503.232.8500.

Musical Instruments at Tabor Heights

The Tabor Heights’ Balcom & Vaughan Pipe Organ is a two manual instrument that consists of 23 ranks of pipes. The original instrument was modified in 2009 by Marceau and Associates. The organ is the primary instrument used in worship at Tabor Heights and is also used extensively for the many organ concerts held throughout the year. See our organ specs here.

The Baldwin Grand Piano’s wonderful sound can be heard regularly in worship and at concerts featuring some of the Portland area’s finest musicians.


Opportunities for Ministry through Music

Vocal Ensembles  

Tabor Heights’ principal vocal ensembles sings a variety of musical styles and is accompanied by piano, organ, and/or other instruments.

Instrumental Music.  

Tabor Heights is very blessed to have many fine musicians who play a variety of instruments for worship and concerts during the year. If you play an instrument and are interested in sharing your gifts at worship, please contact Howard Ashley via through our church office.

Solo Opportunities are available to those who wish to share their vocal or instrumental talents at worship.